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Tohar Rishon's Chairman

In 1993, Tohar Rishon's chairman, Rav Naphtali Nissim shlit'a, a Torah scholar who has studied at the Kol Torah and Porat Yossef yeshivas, set up this organization for the dissemination of information on the laws of Family Purity at the request of his late rabbi, the illustrious and revered Rav Yehuda Zadkah z'l
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Shiurim on Family Purity in Rishon Lezion
Shiurim on Family Purity take place every Monday and Wednesday in the Beit Nassi lecture hall , 2, Keter Aram Zova Street, west Rishon Lezion.

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We are calling on friends from all corners of the Jewish world to contribute articles or papers, advertise talks and lectures, shiurim, lists of counselors, mikvahs and rabbis and any other information in all languages pertaining to Family Purity.
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